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Wellness Suites Developments, led by Dr. Nick Vaccaro, has commenced construction of The Wellness Suites, a unique hybrid consisting of a luxury, wellness-themed Condominium development combined with The Wellness Suites Functional Medicine & Research Centre. The programs and services at Wellness Suites are designed to meet the evolving needs of the sophisticated and aging baby boomers as well as those in their senior years wishing to preserve their home equity while still being able to live in a luxury home that allows them to live well, yet, at the same time, gracefully age in place.

Dr. Vaccaro has assembled a highly-experienced and accomplished team of individuals who form Wellness Suites Developments. From leading professionals in the construction industry with a profound business acumen to outstanding doctors and health practitioners who are setting the Gold Standard in health care, not a single aspect was overlooked in the formation of the Wellness Suites Developments team.

The Wellness Suites and The Wellness Suites Functional Medicine & Research Centre will quickly become top-of-mind in the Wellness and healthcare industry by merging world-class, hotel-inspired living with innovative Functional Medicine Services under one roof. In order to ensure that program development is never at a standstill, Wellness Suites Developments will work in collaboration with Brock University in ways that will oversee health-related, quality-of-life research programs utilizing Functional Medicine in a Residential Setting for adults in their senior years; as a result, this will provide high-level feedback for continual development and refinement of programs.

The Functional Medicine Doctors at the Wellness Suites perform extensive assessments to identify and treat the root causes of chronic illness and disease. Lifestyle modification, cognitive therapy, personalized medicine, exercise, detoxification as well as food and supplements are the primary remedies used in our Functional Medicine Centre. Participants will also receive additional natural and if required, pharmaceutical therapies in order to optimize health improvements resulting in the increased ability to enjoy life to one’s full potential.