Wellness Suites takes a fresh approach to Assisted Living by offering Functional Medicine services packaged as a Wellness Enhancement Program. All of the services typically offered by assisted living programs are available, but instead, are personalized to improve your health. By recognizing that our environment and food supply has changed, we are able to identify the toxins, pollutants, preservatives, chemicals and other hormone threats you unknowingly face every day. They can wreak havoc on your energy, stamina, sex drive, and the ability to fight off infection. When our unique therapies are applied, they restore balance and vitality. Our goal is to correct the root cause of what is ailing your body so that you can be more active and healthy to enjoy life to the fullest while we take care of all of the details of daily living.


It starts with specific blood tests that many doctors often overlook or don’t ever know about. This provides the blueprint for a custom wellness plan which is tailored specifically to your own concerns and current conditions.

Wellness Enhancement Program

  1. Membership to the Wellness Club with preferred hours of use
  2. Health and Wellness Centre Services include:
    1. Health Assessment by a team of Doctors to document Health Status within 30 days of occupancy of condominium and on the annual anniversary of the initial examination
    2. Maintenance of an Electronic Medical Record
    3. Coordination with Case Manager provided by Community Care Access Center
    4. Preferred access to Doctors and professionals at the Wellness Suites Functional Medicine Center
    5. Wellness Coaching by Certified Wellness Coach
    6. Professionally Supervised program of functional rehabilitation with the purpose of improving Health and Well-Being
    7. Nutritional, Supplement and Medication counseling
    8. Education and consultation for a variety of health matters
    9. The coordination of community health services and resources
    10. Coordination and scheduling of in-suite personal assistance and care services
    11. Monitoring of Health and Wellness Improvements and documenting same with the option for anonymous statistics to be included in University Research Program documenting Results of Health and Wellness Programs at the Wellness Suites
    12. Access to additional Health Services in Medical Health Club at preferred rates
  3. Regularly scheduled transportation to local shopping area
  4. In-suite services of one (1) hour per month to be used for any combination of cleaning, dusting, vacuuming or laundry
  5. All meals from Monday through Friday
  6. Option to purchase meals provided in Dining Rooms during Weekends at 50% reduction of prices posted at the time of delivery
  7. Use of the “Vidal Lounge” is available for use by residents and guests for special gatherings


IF someone asked you how old you are, you would probably tell them the age that corresponds to your birthday. But that simply isn’t the case. At Wellness Suites, we will have the capability of testing your telomeres – which are the strands at the tips of your DNA that become shorter and shorter as you age. Telomeres are the key indicators of your true biological age and determine how quickly you age and ultimately, your life-cycle. We will be one of the only health and wellness centers that provides specific therapies to help increase your telomere health. These therapies could be the key to help you live a longer life in the best health possible.


Wellness Suites has a process to analyze how old your body is and how it is developing as you go through the aging process. A unique testing protocol assesses how 12 of your organ systems have aged over time due to certain genetic factors and your lifestyle choices. By analyzing how your body has aged, we can initiate and implement individual treatments based on your needs and goals.

At Wellness Suites, our goal is to provide you with one-of-a-kind health care that ensures the highest quality of health maintenance and disease prevention to help you live better and longer!

Wellness Suites are following the practices of world-renowned Dr. Mark Hyman who stands in the forefront of Functional Medicine.

Services That Will Be Offered


Send nutrients into your bloodstream to accelerate healing and reverse hard-to-treat conditions.


As pioneers in bio-identical hormones, we successfully restore youthful levels of key thyroid and sex hormones.


Help your body generate healthy, levels of sex hormones…and burn excess fat without changing your diet.


The latest breakthroughs in clearing out toxic waste and reducing your “chemical burden”.


“This is the only test of its kind. It measures your true “Biological Age” which is the strongest indicator of how old you really are. ”


Find out the true strength and capacity of your heart, lung power, immune function, and more…and how to make them younger.


No need to rely on drugs to balance your thyroid. We craft just the right formula to fit your own needs.


Discover which foods and beverages will help you thrive and which ones may cause illness or disease. Plus, innovative ways to cope with special diet demands in our modern world.


Experience exclusive treatments to help stubborn lines, wrinkles and age spots disappear…almost instantly. Our experts touch highlights of your best features, giving you a young, more attractive look that is unique to you.