Functional Medicine

About the Program

Wellness Suites Executive Functional Medical Program

The Wellness Suites Functional Medical Program provides you with a unique opportunity to invest in your health while you age, helping you maximize your cognition, vitality and quality of life.

We have created a state-of-the-art Program with a personalized formula consisting of cognitive and physical training and nutritional modalities. The aging process affects us all differently. This is why our multidisciplinary team of healthcare specialists uses in-depth assessments and analytics to create a plan fully
personalized for you. 

The result is a comprehensive treatment designed to help you enhance your cognitive and physical performance and feel best at any age. It starts with a full evaluation of your biology to create your health profile. This tells us how the program might help you, and guides our treatment approach. We use the most comprehensive medical assessments available today which allow us to tailor the best medical plan for you. After treatment, we’ll carry out the same assessment to measure your improvements with complete accuracy.

Wellness Suites Executive Functional Medical Program

In-depth medical assessment carried out by your dedicated functional medicine physician, ?? [physical therapist, nutritionist] which includes:

  • Detailed functional assessment of current health status, previous medical history, family medical history, lifestyle risk assessment, social history, review of systems and Detailed functional exam
  • Medical Systems Questionnaire

Body systems analysis including

  • Cardiovascular Assessment including CIMT *(Carotid Artery thickness measurement), resting and stress ECG, VO2Max
  • Lung Health including Spirometry* testing
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • Gut (Gastrointestinal) Assessment with optional Microbiome testing*
  • Hormonal Assessment Questionnaire
  • Neurotransmitter assessment using the Braverman Personality Test

A full cognitive testing of your mental capabilities such as memory, focus, information processing speed, attention and executive function using

  • MOCA test
  • CANTAB tool from Cambridge Cognition
  • BrainCare tool from NeuroTrax
  • Bredeson protocol assessment with Apollo Health*
  • Optional Functional MRI assessment

Extensive blood tests including Hematology, Biochemistry including lipoprotein profile, Vitamins, Minerals, inflammatory markers, tumor markers and hormones. Options available include hair*, saliva* and urine* testing for more extensive analysis

  • Body composition analysis with optional DEXA* scan to assess body fat %, muscle mass and bone density
  • Individualized Fitness Assessment including Movement and Flexibility Analysis, Postural Assessments, Muscular strength and Endurance testing
  • Personalized Nutrition Assessment
  • Individualized genetic sequencing and nutrigenomics testing*
  • Cellular performance tests including [a stem cell count ????*] and assessment of your aging biomarkers such as telomeres* (used to calculate your true biological age)


  • Optimization of biomarkers from blood and genetic testing including supplementation with vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and bioidentical hormones
  • Nutrition and Exercise planning based on biomarker, genetic and fitness assessments
  • Training to improve cognitive and mental health